Instagram Monday – Paying a Visit to the Beach Bars of St. Pete Beach

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St. Pete Beach, located on the Gulf coast of Florida, is popular for its beaches and sunsets but in my world, it comes down to the beach bars. So when a fellow beach bar bum hits the beaches of St. Pete Beach and is kind enough to take me along on a virtual ride, I feel a moral obligation to share it with everyone. Or at least the few amount of people who read this blog.

View from Undertow Beach Bar, St. Pete Beach, Florida

A special thanks to Celeste Dickson, the person who took these photos and shared them on Instagram. I’ve gotten to know Celeste pretty well through our interactions online and can tell you that her appreciation for a good beach bar shouldn’t be undervalued. I trust her opinion when it comes to beach bars and look forward to many more of her beach bar images during her future travels.

If you’d like your images to be featured on the blog, use the #beachbarbums tag and I’ll comment on the image you tagged to let you know it’s been featured. If you have a travel blog or personal website, I also try and post links to those whenever possible. I occasionally give away free stuff to some of my favorites so that’s pretty cool, I guess. Plus, the blog gets almost 600 views a day and the article is shared to all of my social media sites – you’ll never find a more dedicated group of beach bar lovers anywhere! If you’d like me to write an article featuring just your photos, send me an email at info at beach bar bums dot com and we’ll talk it over. Cheers!

Crab Daddy's, St. Pete Beach. #beachbarbums

A photo posted by Celeste Dickson (@celestedickson) on

Crab Daddy's, St. Pete Beach. #beachbarbums

A photo posted by Celeste Dickson (@celestedickson) on

Toasted Monkey on St. Pete Beach. #beachbarbums

A photo posted by Celeste Dickson (@celestedickson) on

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