The Willy T – Taking a Boat to the Boat

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The Willy T., anchored off the coast of Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands, is an almost 100 ft. replica of a schooner that was turned into a floating bar. It makes sense, then, that the only way to get to it would be by boat. That’s where Chartered Paradise comes in. Charter one of their yachts and on your island hopping beach bar crawl through the British Virgin Islands, you can have the captain take you right up to the dock or you can jump off the yacht and swim to the Willy T. To find out more information on how Chartered Paradise can get you from their boat to the Willy T. boat, you can check out their article on the Willy T. here.

The Willy T., Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Little known fact about William Thornton (namesake of the Willy T.) – He is the architect that designed the US Capitol building was the first official “Architect of the Capitol” and was the first superintendent of the US Patent Office. I know. Now you can sleep better tonight knowing that little piece of history.

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  1. Ive been and drank on the Willie T while working cruise ships in the Caribbean, was a great day out! Make sure you try the water ski shot, its a line of shots served in a waterski so you and all your friends (or strangers) have to all drink at the same time!

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    • Thanks for the comment! That ski shot looks and sounds like a great time. Safe travels!


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