Say Goodbye to Tampa Bay’s Hogan’s Beach Bar While You Can

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After finding out last week that Hogan’s Beach, a beachfront bar located at the Best Western Bay Harbor in the Rocky Point region of Tampa Bay, was going to be rebranded and renamed, the Tampa Tribune reported this week that the Best Western had been sold for a cool $34.5 million. The intent from the new owners is still to rebrand and rename Hogan’s Beach.

View of Hogan's Beach, Tampa Bay, Florida

I don’t think there was any gray area when it came to Hogan’s Beach – people either loved it or despised it. While the name may soon be a thing of the past, it doesn’t seem the beach bar is going anywhere and it will be interesting to see what kind of concept they come up with for the bar. One thing’s for certain – they have a lot of work ahead of them if they plan on drawing people from outside the hotel. I remember sitting at Whiskey Joe’s, staring over at Hogan’s Beach across the water and thinking to myself “I have no desire at all to go over there.” Something tells me that they’ll do just fine, though. You don’t spend $34.5 million on a hotel and not have a pretty spiffy plan in place to rebrand one of its major draws.

When it came to choosing which bar to go to, did you choose Hogan’s Beach or Whiskey Joe’s? Do you have high hopes for the rebranding?

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