Happy Birthday to the Prettiest Girl I Know


I’m skipping my normal Instagram Monday post today. I know. It’s disappointing and you’re probably not sure how you’ll get through the week without it but I promise the sun will rise tomorrow. I have a good excuse, though. I was busy (and still am) celebrating my daughter’s fourth birthday!


Harper, which is what everyone calls her since that’s what we put on her birth certificate, is the shizzle. She’s the coolest cat I know and probably is one of the main reasons I don’t drink more because she’s been so easy to raise. I don’t know if child rearing is supposed to be hard but it’s been amazingly easy with Harper, especially when she gets my drift. The other day, when her mother dared to suggest that I skip my evening cocktail session and do something productive, Harper blurted out “Mommy, Daddy likes to drink his drinks. You need to let him!” She said it with such oratory conviction that her mother had no choice but to back down and make my drink for me. OK, she didn’t make the drink for me but she was reminded that Harper is a daddy’s girl and I will never let that change.

She was also born to belly up to a beach bar. She already feels at home when she’s sitting at one, calmly waiting at the bar as the bartender makes her virgin drink or heading straight for the beach to continue trying to dig her way to China. And her first bowel movement in public was at a beach bar. Seriously, does it get any more beach bar bum than that? Talk about proud parent moment.

So happy birthday, Harper! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and you deserve all the good in your life that the world has left to dish out. Be kind, don’t lose that smile, always go to the beach when you can, never stop searching out new horizons and last but not least, never trust anyone who turns down a free drink, especially if you’re sitting at a beach bar at sunset. That’s just downright rude.

Happy beach birthday, Harper!

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Happy birthday Harper! have the cooolest kid birthday and birthday week! Watch out for sharks!

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