Beach Bar Playlist: Ed Waters Music ft. Nick Nicholson – Countin’ Down To Sunset

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I received a message from Ed Waters regarding his new song featuring Nick Nicholson, “Countin’ Down To Sunset,” and since the tune seemed custom made for a beach bar playlist, I decided it would be a good ideal to share it with all of you. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up in between all those Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet songs somewhere. I think it’s worth a spot – what about you?

Ed Waters Music ft. Nick Nicholson, "Countin' Down To Sunset"

Like any good song, there’s a story behind it. From Ed: “We were staying in Maui, and some folks at the complex we were at invited us to a sunset ceremony they did every evening, complete with the blowing of conch shells. We were out and about, and running late. My wife said, “Ed, hurry up. They’re going to be counting down to sunset”. The rest is history.” As someone who has spent many vacation days counting down to sunset, I can surely relate to the urgency.

The song will will also be in a feature film Ed plans to shoot in 2016. He wrote a screenplay called “Songs for Sarah” that will star Nick Nicholson. In the film he’ll sing five songs, with “Countin’ Down To Sunset” closing out the story.

Ed Waters Music ft. Nick Nicholson, "Countin' Down To Sunset"

Images used with permission from Ed Waters Music.

Author: Tom W.

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