Jay Eatz Visits Grenada’s Umbrellas Beach Bar On My Advice

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I often get asked about beach bars to visit, things to do, places to see, etc. when someone is traveling to a destination for the first time. They might even be repeat visitors and they’re inquiring just to make sure they aren’t missing some great beach bar no one’s heard of. I love answering the questions – I get to share my knowledge of areas with people who haven’t visited and by researching places I haven’t been to in order to provide them with a response, I get to learn more about those destinations. Rarely, though, do I have someone write an article after visiting a beach bar I recommended so when it does happen, I get a little bit nervous, especially if my advice was built on the knowledge of others and not my personal experiences. Luckily for me, though, I got it right in this case and Jay Eatz, one of my favorite social media peeps, shared his experience at a beach bar he visited (on my advice) during his recent trip to Grenada.

Umbrellas Beach Bar, Grenada. Photo by Jay Eatz.

On his blog, Jay recounts his recent visit to Umbrellas Beach Bar in Grenada. In the article, Jay discusses the food menu in detail, including a peculiarly named dish, Carriacou Love Bites. Also mentioned is his run in with top 40 music, the amazing access to fresh fruit, even while enjoying happy hour at a beach bar and of course, the sunsets. Multiple images are included along with a link to his Trip Advisor review.

For anyone considering a visit to Grenada, it appears Jay, myself and others agree – Umbrellas Beach Bar is a must see for anyone visiting the island.

Thanks for the shout out, Jay!

Author: Tom W.

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