’s Favorite St. Croix Beach Bars

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I was perusing my website the other day and noticed that I had very little information on St. Croix beach bars. Not having a lot of articles on a destination isn’t out of the ordinary for the blog. After all, there are a lot of islands out there with a lot of beach bars and I could continue writing for the next 20 years and not cover them all. However, having limited information on the beach bars of one of the Virgin Islands, especially one as large and significant as St. Croix, is unforgivable. If there was a beach bar bum card, I would take it away from myself.


A quick search for “best beach bars St. Croix” quickly returned an article from In the article, the author breaks down the best beach bars by region, discussing their favorite beach bars on the North Shore, on the boardwalk in Christiansted, on the East End and on the West End. Included in the article is social media stalwart Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, located on the west end of the island, where live music and volleyball are the choice activities to enjoy until the sun puts on its evening show.

While the boardwalk in Christiansted doesn’t offer any beaches, bars like RumRunner’s Deck Bar and the Fort Christian Brew Pub allow you the opportunity to take in some great views of the warm water while cooling down with a cold drink.

Want to find out if your favorite St. Croix beach bar made the list? If so, you can read the original article here. Any corrections or omissions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do a follow up article on the best St. Croix beach bars.

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