Travel Pulse Releases List Of Best Grenada Beach Bars

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Nick and Dariece, from the travel blog Goats on the Road, recently wrote an article for Travel Pulse listing the three beach bars they consider the best in Grenada. Two beach bars I always recommend to travelers making their way to Grenada made the cut. Umbrellas Beach Bar is the place to go “If you want to have a nice drink at a good price outside of happy hour” with Nick and Dariece also commenting that it has “some of the best pub food on the island.” Throw in all day beers for under $2 and you can see why it’s a favorite.

Beach and Palm Trees

No surprise on the list was Roger’s Bar, coming in as the best beach bar in Grenada. “This wins our number 1 spot simply because of how funky it is.” Describing the bar as “a small shack with a bunch of coolers to keep your beer cold,” Roger’s Bar sounds like a place where liming away the evening with a cold beer in hand is the rule of the day. Don’t get here too early during the week – it usually doesn’t open until 5 pm on weekdays while it is open all day on the weekends.

To read more about the best Grenada beach bars, including an honorable mention beach bar that all of the comments on the article brought up, you can check out the original article here.

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