Changes Coming to Beach Bar Bums … LLC!


Waves of change are crashing onto the beach at Beach Bar Bums HQ and like a politician dodging a controversial question, we’re pivoting our focus just a little bit.

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After two years of consistent blogging, the Beach Bar Bums website has reached a plateau when it comes to the number of visitors checking out the blog. To give the numbers a little kick in the pants, I’m planning a few changes to the site. They won’t change the core mission of the blog which has always been to promote beach bars, the people and industries associated with them and the destinations that call them home but you will see some very evident tweaks to the website and how business is conducted at Beach Bar Bums.

First and foremost, Beach Bar Bums is now officially a legal entity, formally known as Beach Bar Bums LLC. The reasons for this are multiple but it basically comes down to two major factors – protection of my personal assets (of which there are very little) and separation of income (of which there is none via Beach Bar Bums). The goal, however, is to hopefully increase the latter of those two factors and my methods for doing that will be specified below.

I am currently in the final stages of establishing an agreement to work with a company overseas as a “finder.” Basically, I’ll be putting buyers and sellers of businesses, specifically beach bars, in touch with each other for a fee. What does this mean for the website? The proposed classifieds page is no longer in the works and will be replaced by a “listings” page where individuals will be able to list basic info on businesses they have for sale at no cost to them. This is the development I’m most excited about. I’m contacted multiple times a week by people looking to buy or sell a beach bar. Being able to more effectively manage these transactions and help make someone’s dream come true is just too cool. More details will be released once the new agreement is in place.

I’m going to be entering into strategic partnerships with companies whose industries tie into the overall vibe at Beach Bar Bums, especially in the travel, tourism and hospitality fields. It’s my hope that these partnerships will not only benefit the site but will prove useful to the readers of the blog and the social media community. Entering into a partnership with a home builder doesn’t really tie into what I do at Beach Bar Bums but sign me up with a rum company and I think we’ll have a match made in heaven. Of course I’ll need to find companies who want to work with me but really, who wouldn’t want to hang out with a bunch of beach bar bums?

I’ll be reaching out to more people “in the biz” and trying to provide helpful information to those of you looking into potentially opening your own beach bar in the future. The “Beach Bar Bums Focus” articles will come back with a vengeance, with the plan to feature as many people in the beach bar or other related businesses as possible so we can learn from their mistakes and hopefully avoid making the same ones ourselves.

That’s the crux of it for now. Besides, all this business talk is boring. I need a beach … and some rum.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. How exciting!! So happy for you!

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    • Thanks, Jodi!

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  2. I look forward to the changes! Great idea connecting people. Facebook made billions doing it ; )

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    • I’ll probably need your inside scoop on St. John so I’m looking forward to getting your feedback! I don’t know about billions but I’d be pretty happy with millions. 🙂

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      • We should talk. Bars don’t come up for sale very often on St John. But when somebody wants out – they usually need to get out quickly. And that creates an opportunity for the next person ; )

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        • I think that’s a great idea! Just sent you a message via your Facebook page.

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  3. Hi,

    did you get my email dated 17/9 on this subject?

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    • Hello, Pietro! Yes, I did receive it. I will send you an email in the next couple days. Thank you!


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