Instagram Monday – Family Fun, Beach Walks and the A1A’s Best Beach Bars

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This week’s Instagram article features an initial peek at the best beach bars on Florida’s A1A, where, due to the multitude of public beaches, sometime the best bars aren’t always found on the beach. Rather, you’ll have to cross the road from the beach to get to them but once you finally settle into your seat and admire the view, you’ll quickly forget that there’s a stretch of asphalt between your sandy toes and the beach that got them sandy in the first place.

Marybeth, from Beaches, Bars and Bungalows, shares some of her favorite beach bars along the A1A which are just a block or less from the beach. She starts in the north in St. John’s county (she’ll make her way back to Duval County) in part one of her series and will be sampling her way down the A1A in search of the best bars this famous stretch of road Florida has to offer, hopefully including a stop at the corner of A1A and Las Olas.

This week’s article also features walks on the beaches of Phillipines and family fun at Johnno’s Beach Stop in Anguilla. Does life get much better than beach walks and families having fun at beach bars?

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Beach Bar at the Postcard Inn on the Beach, St. Pete Beach, Florida

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