A Quick Look Back at 11 Days in St. Pete Beach

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After ending our St. Pete Beach vacation by traversing the travails that are synonymous with traveling through O’Hare airport in Chicago (two hours from touch down to my car – ugh!) and getting less than five hours of sleep before heading to my job that actually pays the bills, the thought of doing any kind of thorough review of my 11 days in St. Pete Beach is as far from my mind as a beach bar, which is really kind of sad and impetus yet again to chuck it all and just move to the beach. That day will come, however, and will probably be more planned out than spur of the moment. After all, I still need to eat. So I’ll take a moment to take a quick glance back at the 11 days that were and look forward to the next getaway.

Even though I knew the sunsets in St. Pete Beach are legendary, there’s no way to adequately describe them. It’s just one of those “you have to see it to believe it” scenarios. Throw in some clouds brought on by the remnants of Erika and the seemingly never ending storms and there were a few evenings when I had to pause and really take a moment to appreciate what I was seeing. “Put down the camera, Tom, and just enjoy it.”

Sunset from Jimmy B's Beach Bar, St. Pete Beach, Florida

Pass-A-Grille is a treasure and a must see if you visit St. Pete Beach. It’s not the “party in your face” atmosphere that can pop up on the main drag in St. Pete Beach when the latest brew bus shows up at a bar. Rather, it’s the “let’s ring a bell every evening to signify yet another beautiful sunset” crowd that draws you to its Key West/ex-hippe haven vibe. If you’re a fan of the laid back island vibe synonymous with the Caribbean or the eccentricities that make Key West unique, Pass-A-Grille is the place for you.

Sunset from historic 8th Avenue in Pass-A-Grille, St. Pete Beach, Florida

Eating on the water can be as memorable as eating on the beach in St. Pete Beach. Because the beach is so wide in St. Pete Beach, easy access to the water quite often requires a jaunt through sand hot enough to melt the outer layer of your epidermis if you choose to leave your flip flops behind. By the end of the week, being near the water took precedence over being on the beach as the sea’s allure ended up being too much to resist. The ocean is a magical place and it ended up being the biggest aspect that made this vacation a magical one for me.

Friendly's Dockside Bar, Friendly Fisherman, John's Pass Village and Boardwalk, Florida

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