Finding My People In Pass-A-Grille

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There’s a charm to Pass-A-Grille that you won’t find anywhere else in the St. Pete Beach area of Florida. In a federally declared historic district where you’re more likely to bump into an ex-hippie at a cozy inn than a boisterous college kid swilling Tito’s on the rocks, sunsets on the beach are the not-to-be-missed event and the appropriately named Paradise Grille is front row seating.

St. Pete Beach

The sunsets here can be as colorful as the people who celebrate and enjoy them, emerging from their cool quaint cottages every day as sure as hermit crabs from shells on the beach. They relish their sunsets in Pass-A-Grille not only for the gentle warmth that caresses their skin but for the reinvigorating glow cast upon their souls.

St. Pete Beach

Sunset time is the right time in Pass-A-Grille and in a world drenched in must see events, the most must see of all is one not created by anyone holding a smart phone.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. You found the best part (and a best kept secret) of St. Pete! We’ve been loving all your beautiful photos and great posts from your trip.

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