Five Videos That Will Make You Wish You Were Going To St. Pete Beach

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I’m really looking forward to my vacation in St. Pete Beach. It’s been way too long coming and as the day of departure gets nearer with every sleep, my anticipation of finally visiting this beach bar mecca is only kept in check by viewing pictures and videos of what is awaiting me. It’s pretty exciting, to be honest with you.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Even though I was on my last big trip just over four months ago, my soul has been yearning to discover somewhere new every day since. Traveling is almost like a drug – you get your fix and then when it wears off, you’re constantly looking and and waiting for the next big adventure. And when it involves beach bars (which it normally does in my world), a person can hardly contain himself. If you want to follow along with me virtually, don’t forget to search for the #bbbspb hashtag on social media. I’ll be using it on all of my posts so not only will you be able to enjoy it from afar, you’ll also know where I am or where I’ll be going. Say “Hey, beach bar bums!” if you spot me and I might even let you buy me a drink … or two if you want.

Until my feet touch the sands of St. Pete Beach, I’ll have these five videos to hold me over … and to give you a tease of what’s waiting for you in what could arguably be America’s beach bar paradise.

Royalty free stock photo used courtesy of Pixabay.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. These videos are awesome! No wonder you can hardly contain yourself. And I love that if any of us spot you, you might let us buy you a drink – or two… 😉 I can’t wait to follow your travels (in a non stalkerish type of way) and will be looking for your hashtag. Enjoy!!

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    • Thanks, Marybeth! I look forward to all of your comments – can’t wait to hear what you think of all the places. And as a virtual stalker myself (did I say that out loud?), I’m not one to really judge. 🙂

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