Agora Beach – Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar: Bringing the Tapas Scene to the Beaches of Halkidiki

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If there’s any region in Europe or the Mediterranean that can rival the Caribbean when it comes to the number of beach bars, it would be Greece. With seemingly endless miles of shoreline and countless islands dotting the horizon, it’s only natural that beach bars would pop up to entertain the fun loving Greeks. Sadly, though, I don’t get to feature them much on the site. That gets to change this week as I sat down to an interview via email with Pavlos Dimitropoulos, one of the two owners at Agora Beach – Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar, located on one of the nicest beaches in Halkidiki.

Agora Beach - Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar

How long has the beach bar been open?
“The Beach Bar has been open for just about 1 month! Its a collaboration between the next lying Alexander the Great Beach Hotel and a very old famous Ouzeri in Thessaloniki, named “AGORA OUZERI”, serving Ouzo with traditional plates. Therefore also the name “AGORA BEACH – GREEK KOYZINA & BEACH BAR” which is essentially the summer version of the traditional old “Ouzo House” in Thessaloniki – but on the beach!”

What is your role at the beach bar?
“I am the co owner of the beach bar, together with our “Risotto Man” Mr. Nikos Tsobanidis and Mr. Hristos Xatzidiakos, the owner of the Thessaloniki establishment. My main job is as a Hotel Sales & Marketing Manager, managing 3 Summer Hotels & 1 City Hotel. When I am there I serve guests, clean tables, play as a DJ, do dishes and most of all, living the dream of co owning a beach bar that serves really good Greek Food!”

What is the beach bar most famous/popular for?
“We are essentially one of the first if not the only Beach Bar serving traditional Greek Cuisine in small “Greek Tapas” style versions so that our guests can order as many plates as possible. We offer daily fresh fish catch from small scale fishers and the octopus is prepared in the most traditional way, first air & sun dried for 24 hours at the edge of our terrace, and then slightly grilled, which makes it the most tender octopus you have ever tasted.”

Do you have a signature/most popular drink? What else is the beach bar well known for?
“We do serve all the classical cocktails but as proud Greeks we encourage our guests to drink tsipouro (traditional Greek pomace brandy with or without anise). My favorite is without anise and in the old days was considered the drink of the working class. It’s strong containing 40-45% alcohol and is known for bringing the people together!!!! All our dishes are ideal for tsipouro but our signature Sea Food Risotto is a must when you visit by!

Risotto at Agora Beach - Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar
Fava at Agora Beach - Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar
Kalamari at Agora Beach - Greek Cuisine & Beach Bar

It takes around 35-40 mins. to prepare to order so be sure to order it first and eat it as the grand finale of your casual Greek Cuisine Experience! The Risotto is prepared inside the bar so that you can follow its preparation. In the link below you can check out the whole preparation process in under 100 seconds!”

What do you want people to know about your beach bar?
“In general we are very happy to see that people engage with us, telling us what a nice idea to create this beach bar was! Our Greek Music and “bar like restaurant” & restaurant-like bar” has proven very popular. Of course, the fact that we are situated on one of the best beaches of Halkidiki is our strong point. Come in with your swimming shorts at midday and end up with casual dressed evening guests who came in for a traditional Greek dinner and fresh Sea Food!”

Author: Tom W.

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