Instagram Monday – From Cooked Lionfish to Ring Dings … And a Wall of Rum

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The beach bar world dabbles in the foodie world a little bit this week on Instagram as lion fish and ring dings barge their way into our consciousness as suitable food items for beach bar bums. I’ve never had lionfish and my tendency to want to puke every time I think of ingesting anything that looks exactly the same on your plate as it did alive will probably prohibit me from ever eating it. And the texture. Ugh. Don’t let that stop you from trying lionfish, though. I guess if an invasive species is trying to take over your planet, cooking them up and eating them is a pretty effective population control plan. Keep feeding me ring dings, however, and I’ll be your drinking buddy for the rest of the night.

Three of our favorite bloggers are featured in this week’s post. Our Tasty Travels weighs in on lionfish as a delicacy and what the people on Ambergris Caye are doing to fight the invasive species, local Belize expert Erin De Santiago documents the wall of rum getting ready for this past weekend’s Costa Maya Festival (also on Ambergris Caye) and Beaches, Bars and Bungalows asks the age old question – to driftwood or not to driftwood?

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Dinner is served… on the veranda! #YagoSangria #beachbumlife #DrakesCakes #RingDings #thegoodlife #itsgood2beus #BeachBarBums

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Celebrating National Rum Day with a daiquiri out on the lake.

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