Caddy’s on the Beach – At the Intersection of Good Ol’ Times and New Technology

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Ever find yourself gazing at images of beach bars and wishing you were there sipping a cold one while simultaneously wiping the sweat off your glass AND your forehead with one fell swoop (see yesterday’s post about the new beach bar at Sparrow’s – I’m still getting over the gorgeousness)? While the technology isn’t around to simply command “Beam me up, Scotty” and then all of a sudden find yourself lounging on the beach with Lt. Uhura, Clear Vision Media gets you about as close as you can get, all without the chance of losing particles of yourself during transit. Really, what fun is life if you have to wander around it missing half of your nose?

“How the hell did you lost half of your nose? It looks pixelated.”
“I wanted to go to this beach bar with Lt. Uhura – the gorgeousness was breathtaking – and on the way back … never mind.”

Caddy's on the Beach, Treasure Island, Florida

Clear Vision Media has rolled out a unique 360 degree virtual tour technology that virtually takes you anywhere you want to go and it’s like you’re standing there. One of the first businesses to sign on to this technology (and the first beach bar that I know of) is Caddy’s on the Beach. Located on Treasure Island just north of St. Pete Beach, the proprietors at Caddy’s have always been looking for ways to creatively express their brand, being one of the first beach bars in the area to use aerial photography to show off their property via unmanned aerial vehicles. Utilizing the 360 degree virtual tour technology gives Caddy’s on the Beach the opportunity to welcome people inside their beach bar and restaurant from anywhere in the world, garnering the attention of visitors before they even set foot anywhere close to the beaches of this Gulf front community.

To view the new 360 degree virtual tour of Caddy’s on the Beach, you can go to the Clear Vision Media created site here. On a mobile device? Simply move it around and they tour moves with you, just as if you were standing there. Click on the blue and white arrows to jump to other scenes (or use the dropdown) and click on the Youtube icon to view video from that specific spot. I don’t know about you but I’m after taking the virtual tour, I’m ready for a cocktail and with our visit to St. Pete Beach just 15 days away, I’m counting down the days to turning this virtual visit of Caddy’s on the Beach into a real one.

If you’re interested in this technology and would like to have your beach bar or other property featured, send me an email at info at beachbarbums dot com. No, I don’t get any kickbacks from it and I wasn’t paid to post this. However, if you want to buy me a cocktail or two and discuss my questionable Star Trek references, I wouldn’t turn you down.

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