Another Thing To Love About Beach Bars – Free Beer

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There are a lot of things to love about beach bars such as the view, the atmosphere, the whole drinking on the beach thing, meeting new friends and hearing new stories and so on and so forth. Add free beer to the list as a beach bar located outside of Barcelona, where they’re also known as “chiringuitos,” is now offering beer at no charge to its patrons. The catch (because you know there is one) – you have to clean up a jar full of discarded filters from the beach.

Beach by the W Barcelona, Spain.

Called the “Clean And Care For The Beach” program, the campaign’s purpose is meant to clean up the beach and dissuade beachgoers from discarding their cigarette butts in the sand. As we all know, the only butts that should be plopped down on a beach are the ones permanently attached to your backside.

That beach bar crowd – we’re such a socially conscious group.

For more information on the campaign by the Tibu-Ron beach bar and inspiration for instituting it in your own community, you can read the article in its entirety here.

Public domain image courtesy of Pixabay.

Author: Tom W.

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