It’s St. Pete Beach Month!

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I can’t believe the end of summer is just around the corner and while a lot of you (including myself) are dreading the onset of cold weather, I am looking forward to the end of this summer for one reason – I’m going to St. Pete Beach!

End of summer trips aren’t new for us. Every year we take off somewhere, almost always where the in-laws have set up camp, and then take the week before Labor Day off and don’t head home until the day after our favorite September holiday. It’s a nice getaway and since our daughter isn’t in school yet, it makes for a nice little extension to the summer season.

This year is special, though, as I finally get to visit one of the areas I’ve categorized as “one of my favorite places I’ve never visited.” High on that list is St. Pete Beach on the Gulf coast of Florida and I finally get to plant my feet on its golden shores. I’ve gotten close before as a couple years ago we spent a week in Siesta Key but getting to spend 11 days and 10 nights in St. Pete Beach is this beach bar lover’s dream come true. You see, St. Pete Beach has done what Siesta Key didn’t do – they realized the importance of beach bars to the local economy and they dot the beach all the way from Undertow Beach Bar on the south end to the Postcard Inn’s beach bar on the north, just a hop, skip and a jump from where I’ll be staying at the Caprice. Throw in Pass-A-Grille, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, John’s Pass and more and there may not be enough time in the day to visit all the beach bars I want to. I’m going to try my hardest, however, because sleep is overrated, especially on vacation and the beach bars of St. Pete Beach have been calling my name for way too long. It’s like a siren call but without the whole danger aspect and tragic ending.

Sunset over the north end of St. Pete Beach, Florida.  Photo courtesy of Clear Vision Media.

To help prep for the trip and get the word out, I’ll be dedicating Fridays this August to articles about St. Pete Beach. I’ll be sharing images and video from our partners over at Clear Vision Media (they’ve taken over the area by storm!) so you’ll be able to view St. Pete Beach like you’ve never seen her before. And you’ll see article on beach bars because after all, the siren’s call has to be emanating from a beach bar and I’m just trying to answer it.

To make following along with my exploits a little bit easier, I’ll be tagging everything on this blog and social media with the #bbbspb tag. Please use it yourself to communicate with me and let me in on the places to go and things to do while I’m on vacation.

Do you have a favorite beach bar in the St. Pete Beach area? How about a favorite cocktail bar or spot to eat? If so, let me know in the comments so I can try and add them to my itinerary. I’ll also try to set up an informal Beach Bar Bums get together so stay tuned to this blog and the social media sites for more details as the date gets closer.

St. Pete Beach, I’m coming for you!

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