Anguilla Summer Festival Attendees To Have Free Wi-Fi Internet Access

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Going to Anguilla’s Summer Festival that kicks off tomorrow? If you are, don’t confirm that because then I’ll have to hate you because I’m not going. If the wrath of my hatred doesn’t faze you and you really want to stick it to me, I have good news – you’ll be able to really, really easily. You see, as prevalent as wireless signals are on Anguilla, there’s going to be even more as the festival areas will have free wireless internet access thanks to the National Commercial Data Services (NCDS) Anguilla and Digicel. Through August 15th, the only thing more prevalent on the island than rum will be wireless. Details included in the press release below.

So have fun and think of me every once in a while as you sit on the beach drinking your fancy rum cocktails and posting your “I’m in paradise and you aren’t” images to Instagram. Tag me if you remember – I’ll despise you but will secretly thank you for the mental escape.

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Summer-Festival-Poster-2015ANGUILLA – July 29, 2015 – Vacationers planning to attend Anguilla’s Summer Festival from July 30 – August 9 now have one more reason to celebrate. Thanks to a new agreement between National Commercial Data Services (NCDS) Anguilla and regional telecommunications provider Digicel, Summer Festival revelers will benefit from complimentary wireless internet access. This inaugural service provides coverage in the heavily trafficked areas between the Landsome Bowl Cultural Center and The Valley Food Court now through to August 15, 2015.

“We are elated by this announcement as the provision of this wireless service will allow both visitors and residents alike to share audio, video and photographs of all the fun-filled Summer Festival activities with their family and friends. By extension, that allows us to showcase an important aspect of Anguilla’s culture and heritage to the rest of the world using preferred social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Vimeo,” said Anguilla’s Director of Tourism Candis Niles.

A 10 day culture- and heritage-based celebration, the annual Anguilla Summer Festival is a carnival-styled event with non-stop action that features exciting boat racing competitions by day and traditional carnival activities by night. The highlight of the week is the Caribbean’s biggest beach party on August Monday to commemorate Emancipation Day. It features J’ouvert Morning street dancing, boatracing and main stage music performances against the backdrop of one of Anguilla’s gorgeous beaches, Sandy Ground.

This is the 75th year that boatracing has been officially recognized as an organized event and national sport in Anguilla. To commemorate this Diamond Jubilee celebration, 18 boatraces were coordinated throughout the year and the “Champion of Champions” race is scheduled to be held on August 9.

Free and ongoing wireless service also is available at the Clayton J Lloyd International Airport and at Blowing Point ferry terminal through another telecommunications provider, LIME.

For more information on Summer Festival activities and schedules, please visit

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About Anguilla
Anguilla is a British overseas territory located in the north eastern region of the Caribbean, just five miles north of St. Maarten, and 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. The island is best known for its 33 pristine, powder-white sand beaches, all with crystal-clear turquoise waters matched by few places in the world. With an inviting and welcoming approach to tourism, Anguilla’s beaches are what draw most visitors to the island, while its warm, friendly people keep visitors coming back. The island’s culture is infused with a love of the land and dependence on the sea, which is reflected in its history, and in many of the cultural festivals and events that celebrate Anguillian traditions of fishing, boat racing and cuisine. Anguilla is easily accessible via daily flights that connect directly to Anguilla from San Juan or St. Maarten. For those coming from St. Maarten, Anguilla is just a short seven-minute flight or 20 minute ferry boat ride away. For more information on Anguilla visit

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