Lime Beach Bar on Nevis Featured on Planet Weidknecht

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I enjoy coming across articles about beach bars from bloggers who don’t normally write about them. It’s always interesting to see their perspective. I get so focused most of the time on what I want to document (drinks on the beach and more drinks on the beach) that I sometimes forget to consider what people might really want to read about. Plus, they generally write better than I do and get their point across in a lot less words. It’s like they’re magicians.

View of Pinney’s Beach on Nevis.

Lisa Weidknecht, the owner of the Planet Weidknecht blog, recently paid a visit to Nevis and was able to enjoy lunch at Lime Beach Bar. Located on Pinney’s Beach, Ms. Weidknecht described the setting as laid-back, just the way we like our beach bars, and provides details about her lunch, which included pumpkin puffs, shrimp wraps and an encounter with a slightly lazy cat. She closes the article by stating the following: “The staff is attentive, the atmosphere is wonderful, the food is excellent, and the views are amazing. I definitely recommend Lime Beach Bar ….”

To read more of Lisa’s review on Lime Beach Bar and view its many accompanying pictures, you can find her article here.

Have you been to Lime Beach Bar? What did you think of it?

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