The Untamed Wild Side of Anguilla’s Sandy Island

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East shore of Sandy Island, Anguilla

If you ever find yourself wandering around Anguilla, make a day trip to Sandy Island a priority. While the beach bar/restaurant and western beach are the most popular spots to set up camp for the day, don’t forget to explore the rest of the island and spend some time on the east side. Its rocky reef-strewn shore taking on the waves coming out of the east provides a stark contrast to the sublime calm of the west side, an example in miniature of what you see on a lot of Caribbean islands.

View towards Anguilla from the southern end of Sandy Island

When you reach the south point of the island, take a minute to pause and reflect on your surroundings. You know how you have those moments in life that you’ll never forget? Every time you think of them, it’s like it happened yesterday. That’s how it was for me when I reached the southernmost point of Sandy Island. After documenting the scene as well as I could, I put all the cameras away, kicked off my sandals, plopped down in the sand and just enjoyed the moment. I don’t know if it was the sight of the amazing cliffs of Anguilla (yes, they have cliffs) propping up the even more amazing homes, the sound of the waves or the two margaritas I had sucked down but it felt good … and peaceful. It was one of those moments you get lost in and you wish you had never found your way out of.

Author: Tom W.

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