Thirsty Thursday – It’s All About The Rum

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It’s Thirsty Thursday, Tales of the Cocktail is going on in New Orleans and I’m not there so I’m going to celebrate by talking about rum!

This image, now available as a high resolution download on the Wallpapers page, was created when I happened to stumble upon it on a public domain page. Variations of the quote haven been popping up all over the place so I came up with my own variation, found what I thought was the best spot to place it, slapped my logo on it and here you go. Feel free to use the image in whatever way you want – it’s in the public domain so have at it!

Bottle of rum on the beach

This evening, however, is when the real celebration begins as I’ll be releasing my latest cocktail recipe featuring a rum that as of last week, wasn’t available at any bar in my home state. Sometimes knowing people in the biz has its benefits. No, it doesn’t feature Mount Gay – Plantation Rum is the star of tonight’s article and I’ll be getting my Stiggins’ Fancy on in a cocktail that includes spices and fruit.

I guess that’s one benefit of having absolutely zero rum companies respond in the positive to my emails inquiring about sponsoring the blog – you’re beholden to no one. Ahhhh, the life of a blogger.

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