An Escape to Shipwreck Beach Bar in St. Kitts

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Shipwreck Beach Bar in St. Kitts has been tied to my love of beach bars ever since I first started my search for the Green Flash about a decade ago on its beach while sipping a “Green Flash.” There was barely a road to it back then and the structure wasn’t anywhere near what it is now. It’s grown tremendously in the years since but even after all its success, it still manages to maintain the charm that made me fall in love with it in the first place.

View towards Nevis from Shipwreck Beach Bar, St. Kitts

I wish I could go back and visit St. Kitts every month and enjoy the view of Nevis and the sunsets from Shipwreck Beach Bar. Life and responsibilities get in the way, however, and instead of planning yet another trip to visit my favorite beach bars in person, I’m left to depend on pictures and videos like this one to hold me over. There’s not much to the video but its simplicity is what makes its special. It manages to take you away to one of my favorite beach bars in St. Kitts and almost convinces you that you’re the one liming away the afternoon with an incomparable view and your only care in the world is whether or not to add bacon to your cheeseburger for your sunset dinner. It’s an escape, for sure, but don’t we all deserve those every once in a while?

And yes, I always add the bacon.

Author: Tom W.

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