Thrillist Releases Comprehensive List of Los Angeles Beachfront/Waterfront Bars

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You might not think Los Angeles has beach bars but you would be wrong. Thrillist even compiled a list of them and while they only referred to them as beachside/waterfront bars and restaurants, they’re still places where you can go and enjoy a drink on the water or beach and when your options for true beach bars are limited in Los Angeles, you’ll take whatever you can get. A cool aspect of the article – along with providing short to-the-point summaries, they also provide links to all of the restaurants and bars for those of your craving more information. Thank you.

Manhattan Beach Pier, Los Angeles California. Image by Flickr user "demxx"

There is at least one establishment that includes the word “beach bar” in their name (the Hangout Restaurant and Beach Bar where you can order a “bacon and shrimp adorned Bloody Mary”) and others such as Paradise Cove that actually let you “legally drink booze while sticking your feet in the sand” (it’s not as common as you might think). Whether your feet are in the sand or in sandals on a deck, something tells me the views these waterfront restaurants and bars more than make up for any lack of beach bar atmosphere.

Check out the article and find out where you can imbibe in a “$5 happy hour with jumbo 23 oz domestic brews,” enjoy half-off alcoholic slushies from 3-7 pm each weekday, find “totally Instagrammable ocean vistas” and “take a pour from the futuristic wine dispensers.”

If none of that sounds fun to you then I would probably just skip the whole article. If it does sound fun then by all means, click away and find your beach bar in LA.

“Manhattan Beach Pier”/Flickr user demxx/Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic

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