Gordon Ramsay And His Beach Bar

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Photo of Gordon Ramsay courtesy of thefoodplace.co.ukGordon Ramsay (yes, that Gordon Ramsay) has a beach bar and while it isn’t where you would normally expect to find a beach bar, it follows along with the trend of offering beachside retreats in the middle of metropolises.

Located at York & Albany in London, the Beach Hut offers a “seaside oasis” and “cool shoreline scene” amidst the general “busyness” of everyday London. Guests at the Beach Hut can “enjoy seaweed Martinis and Barcardi rum slushies served in mini buckets with spades for spoons as well as Pimm’s-spiked ice-lollies.” I have no idea what a an “ice-lolly” is but if it’s spiked with Pimm’s, I’ll chance it and give it a go.

No worries for the beach lover in all of us as sand surrounds a candy colored striped hut, a beach BBQ menu is available along with a do-it-yourself ice cream machine and mini fish ‘n chips are offered for those of us feeling especially British.

Don’t want to share the Beach Hut with anyone? It’s available for private bookings of up to 12 people.

After watching Mr. Ramsay in action on Hell’s Kitchen over the years, something tells me he should spend more time chilling out at his beach bar. My guess is he would get a pretty decent discount.

For more information on the Beach Hut, you can check out the York & Albany’s Beach Hut site here.

“Gordon Ramsay”/Dave Pullig/Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic

Author: Tom W.

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