Getting to Know the Bikini Sunset

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One of my favorite Anguilla based photographers is Samantha Laurent who is originally from Dominica but now calls Anguilla home. I first met Samantha online through her Instagram and Tumblr sites (and later on Facebook) under her BikiniSunset profile and fast became an admirer of her work. She was one of the many social media feeds that inspired me to visit Anguilla and after you view some of her photos, you’ll soon understand why.

View from Anguilla Great House

Her Start in Photography
I’ve always liked photography and had an unhealthy obsession with sunsets. Not until a few years ago after my 5th camera I actually started enjoying photography. I started Instagram as a personal page and it quickly became BikiniSunset (photos of my island life).

I’ve had many small cameras but always went back to Olympus brand … Christmas gifts for the past 5 years have been cameras, because I always seem to either drop them or get them wet. Above all my iphone has taken the place of cameras mostly because of the convenience.

Her Photography
Lately I have been very interested in photographing old architecture and Anguilla has quite the collection which is exciting. I’ve always been obsessed with the beach and sunsets so those are photos which will always be part of my gallery.

Never thought in a million years my random photos would get any attention from anyone much less have over 100 followers on social media. Of any recognition I’ve had, nothing is better than getting compliments from Anguilla’s amazing professional photographers.

The best part of it all is that no matter where you are on island, there’s always beautiful landscapes, sunsets and beaches to photography and nothing is ever far away. Which is why I’m a major beach addict. My favorite beaches are Meads Bay because it’s by far the most beautiful beach EVER, then Shoal Bay for it rustic appearance. I love photos of shoal bay with the reef and choppy horizon. Next on the list is Rendezvous bay…the sand is like powder, St Martin on the horizon and makes for a great sunset photo…some of my favorite sunset photos are from Rendezvous Bay.

Her Favorite Anguilla Beach Bars
Without a doubt I love island life. Of all the beach bars and restaurants in Anguilla would definitely be a tie between Blanchards Beach Shack and Davida’s Bayside Grille.

I love the atmosphere at Blanchards Beach Shack Grill being a new mom … it is very calm and very child friendly plus I’m addicted to their chocolate chip cookies. The sangria and margaritas are awesome and the staff are like family at this point, not to mention that Meads Bay is the most awesome beach on island.

On the other hand there is no other place like Davida’s on a Sunday afternoon. Great drinks, great food, great entertainment and the vibe is unlike any other beach bar and grill.

Also on the list are Elodia’s Beach Resort’s beach restaurant on another of my favorite beaches. I remember having their chicken salad where I had to search for the salad.

There are a plethora of restaurants on Anguilla to mention a few – Sunshine Shack, On De Rocks, The Place, newly opened Falcons Nest in Island Harbour Village and oldie but goodie Ferry Boat Inn (definitely recommend Wednesday wings night) but you can quickly become a child of habit when you find a favorite.

All photos courtesy of Samantha Laurent.

Author: Tom W.

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