Friday Flickr Find – Boat Turned Beach Bar

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I’ve seen a lot of images of boats turned into beach bars. I’ve even been lucky enough to stumble up to one of the best boats turned beach bars in the form of Elvis’ Beach Bar in Sandy Ground, Anguilla and Bankie Banx incorporates boats into his Dune Preserve. It’s a cool concept and even if you don’t have a boat handy or one large enough, you can still make your beach bar resemble one (see Castaways in Chicago). It’s a fine example of sustainability and in the case of this boat turned beach bar on Ossos Beach (Praia dos Ossos) in Buzios, Brazil, it’s also a great alternative if you want a small setup or you’re just starting out.

Boat turned beach bar on Ossos Beach, Brazil. Photo by Flickr user edoaracena

Photo source, used via Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0

Author: Tom W.

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