30 Seconds at the Sunset Grille, Florida Keys

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The Sunset Grille and Raw Bar is a beach bar located at the east end of Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon in the Florida Keys. During our road trip through the Keys last fall, we had the opportunity to stop by for a few drinks on our way home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at sunset and no one in our party felt any particular need to wait countless hours for the sun to pull its disappearing act. I can’t blame them – long hours on the road and traipsing around Key West for even a few days can take a toll on a body. If I recall correctly, it can also leave you dehydrated as my day that started with rum punches at the Rum Bar mixed in with cocktails at various stops along the way left me dehydrated and sucking down about seven pitchers of water at the end of the night. Apparently, your body needs water and will let you know when it hasn’t had enough.

Sunset Grille and Raw Bar, Marathon, Florida Keys

Despite my cloudy state of mind from a lack of water, I was able to capture this short video during our brief interlude at the Sunset Grille. It was taken from the main bar/dining area and shot towards the water (with the standard Jimmy Buffett soundtrack playing in the background), panning from the pool bar to the main bar where it ends with the cutest girl you’ll ever see bellied up to a beach bar waiting patiently for her drink. In the world of beach bar bums, we start them early.

Author: Tom W.

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