Beach Bar Bums Take Over Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica

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Last week I shared a picture of Floyd’s Pelican Bar that our friends over at Rum Connection had taken. It proved to be a pretty popular post, as are most images of the unique Pelican Bar and before I knew it, one of the fans of my page started peppering the comments section with his own pictures of the Pelican Bar. OK, “peppering” may not be the most appropriate word but after seeing the first few of his images, I knew I had to share them on the site.

Interior view of Floyd's Pelican Bar, Jamaica. Photo by Dan Kelley.

When I reached out to Dan Kelley, the aforementioned Pelican Bar pepperer, he gladly agreed to let me share his pictures on the blog and even provided me with a short background on them. According to Dan, he and his fiancee, Andrea, “were there in February of this year. We just read about it and thought it sounded like our kind of place. We definitely love the rustic beach bar type atmosphere at these type places. We actually had lunch there. They were fishing off the pier area and we picked our own lunch from the morning catch.”

Thanks for taking the time to share the pics with us, Dan, and for giving us a little bit of the background story of how you ended up at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica. By the way, I’m a big fan of pepper, brother, so it’s all good.

Do you have pictures of beach bars that you’d like to pepper me with? If so, send me a private message through my Facebook page or send me an email at info at beachbarbums dot com and I might write a whole article on you and your adventures! I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too?

Author: Tom W.

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