Caribbean Journal Releases List of Best Beach Bars and I React

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Caribbean Journal just released their list of the 50 best beach bars in the Caribbean and there are very few surprises on the list. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the list is St. Kitts and Nevis only had two beach bars make the list – Sunshine’s on Nevis and the Shiggidy Shack on St. Kitts. While the quantity of the beach bars may rival any other island, it appears to me as if the staff at Caribbean Journal believe the quality still has a ways to go.

Garvey's Sunshine Shack, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

The Caribbean nation with the most beach bars on the list is no surprise. The British Virgin Islands, with their myriad of islands and beaches, registered eight beach bars on the list. A somewhat surprising second – Anguilla, who, based on the somewhat lower number of beach bars on the island, might have the highest ratio of best beach bars in the Caribbean as it had seven beach bars make the list. Coming in a close third was St. Martin/St. Maarten with six beach bars, further evidence that a combined Anguilla/St. Martin/St. Maarten vacation should be on any beach bar lover’s wish list.

Following are the rest of the islands who made the list along with the number of beach bars. In the cases of multiple islands making up one country, only the country is listed.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 4. Glad to see them appear so high on the list as they are often left out of the beach bar conversation.
Martinique – 3. The highest ranking French island on the list.
Bahamas – 3. Considering the miles of beaches, you would think there would be more beach bars.
Dominican Republic – 2. Too many resorts occupying beachfront space to allow for many beach bars.
Jamaica – 2. See Dominican Republic.
Mexico – 2. Yes, the Caribbean reaches Mexico although I would have liked to have seen at least one beach bar from Isla Mujeres.
US Virgin Islands – 2. A curiously low number but maybe it’s just overshadowed by its British neighbor.

All of the following had one beach bar on the list:
Turks and Caicos – Da Conch Shack earns a well deserved spot.
St. Barth – Glad to see La Plage here. They’ve been making a concerted effort to get the word out on social media.
Cayman Islands
Antigua – With as many beaches as they claim to have (365), you would think they would have more beach bars. Miss OJ’s (my favorite) on this list.
St. Lucia – The Naked Fisherman, proof positive that resorts can have great beach bars.
Aruba – Beautiful beaches but not a lot of beach bars.

I’ve been to at least 12 of the beach bars on this list which only goes to say that I have a lot more “research” that needs to be done. How many beach bars have you been to? Did any of your favorites miss inclusion?

Author: Tom W.

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