On the Lookout for Boston Beach Bars

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As our biannual trips pivot north from south Florida to New England, the search for suitable beach bars begins in earnest. Finding beach bars in south Florida and the Keys is about as easy as finding spiked punch at a high school prom. Finding them in the Boston area … not so much, at least not the beach bars I’m used to. While they may not resemble the traditional Caribbean/Florida beach bars I’m used to, enjoying drinks and good food on the beach is still a possibility in the Boston area – you just have to know where to look.

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Luckily, someone has already confronted this conundrum for me. Kendyl Murtaugh, an intern for CBS Boston, did a story a few years ago on the best beach bars in the Boston area and beyond. Included among her list was the Beachcomber, aka “The Comah,” a beach bar in Wellfleet that is mentioned “on several lists as one of the sexiest beach bars in the world.” Guess I’ll need to verify that in person.

Also included on the list is Surfside5, located in Salisbury. One advantage Surfside5 has over many Florida beach bars? It’s actually located on the beach. Take that, Florida!

The last of the beach bars on the list that I was already familiar with is one located not on the ocean but on a lake. It’s also the one that will most likely be closest to Beach Bar Bums Boston headquarters. The Sunset Tiki Bar, located in Westford on a private pond in the Nashoba Valley Ski area, is described as “a hidden gem in the middle of suburbia.” Complete with theme nights, Adirondack chairs and sunset views, Sunset Tiki Bar will probably be the first beach bar your hear about after our first Boston trip.

Do you live in the Boston area and know of some great beach bars? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to my Boston beach bar list to research. We might even have to get together at the Comah, if you’re feeling sexy enough.

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  1. Beachfront with your toes in the sand is scarce. Its just too cold most of the time. Lots of bars overlooking the water, though with an indoor/seasonal outdoor area.
    Gloucester-downtown waterfront & Rocky Neck neighborhoods…

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