Big Lee’s Beach Bar – Feeling the Love in Puerto Plata

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Lee Peak is the owner of Big Lee’s Beach Bar in Puerto Plata and besides being one of the best bars in the Dominican Republic, it’s also likely to be the most fun you’ll have on the beach in Puerto Plata. I’ve featured Big Lee’s Beach Bar on the blog before, helping to kick off the celebrations for the third anniversary. I’ve gotten to know Big Lee via emails and Facebook and according to his longtime customers, the personality he portrays online on his very active Facebook page is exactly the way he is in person – fun loving and gregarious, welcoming every customer at his beach bar like they were family.


So when Big Lee gets featured in a story, I like to help spread the love. It’s pretty cool watching a beach bar gain in popularity and even cooler once they get some press for their success. Inside Puerto Plata caught up with Big Lee (not so “Big” anymore as he’s dropped 75 pounds!) and during the interview, Big Lee discusses among other things his family and customers, his charity work, the reasons for opening Big Lee’s Beach Bar, the beach bar’s success and future expansion plans and advice for people thinking about getting into the beach bar business.


Find out more about Big Lee’s Beach Bar on his website and Facebook page.

Have you been to Puerto Plata to visit Big Lee’s Beach Bar? What did you think of it? Are you excited about his future expansion plans? Let me know what you think in the comments and help spread the news about Big Lee’s Beach Bar.

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