If You Have a Beach Bar for Sale ….

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If you have a beach bar for sale, please let me know. If you’re the owner, realtor, broker, family member or buddy, I would appreciate hearing from you. I scour the internet daily looking for beach bars for sale all over the world but it’s impossible to find them all. In most cases, the beach bars aren’t even listed anywhere online as a lot of owners would rather keep the fact that their beach bar is for sale quiet, hoping to avoid any negative impact on their business.

St. Kitts Beach Bar for lease on the Strip in Frigate Bay.

I currently have about 10 different groups that I’m working with in an effort to help them find a beach bar for sale. Among those are individuals who will enter into a variety of agreements from leases to land contracts to partnerships to outright purchases. And the budgets they are working with are from the low six figures to no budget at all – they’ll spend whatever it takes on the right situation.

For those of you who have a beach bar for sale or are considering it, I’m also working with one of the most popular beach bars in the UK to help them expand to the Caribbean. This isn’t just someone “kicking the tires.” They know what they’re doing, have been successful and now want to expand.

I’ve always been told that every beach bar is for sale … for the right price. If you have a beach bar and you’d like me to tell the world about it or send you info on my buyers, please send me an email at info at beach bar bums dot com. Blog posts about beach bars for sale are free (for the time being – this will change by this summer) and will be shared on all of my social media sites. I’m not a broker or realtor – I’m just trying to get the word out and help someone’s dream of owning a beach bar come true … and maybe get complimentary drinks the next time I visit their beach bar.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Hello Mister,

    I want a Beach bar!! I m capitaine in Monaco. I stop yachting next year to open a beach bar.
    I want to put jacuzzi on the front, rent boat to do sky Nautica , make big party.

    I have 50 000€, I will do it with sister and brother

    Where can I find it please

    We are good worker !

    Best regards

    +336 74286140

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  2. Family ready to acquire beach motel with bar and grill. Local HospitaLs and docs must be able to accept medicare.

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    • Thanks for reaching out! Can you send me an email at info@beachbarbums.com? I’ll get a search folder started for you and help you find your dream place!

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