Five Best Caribbean Beach Bars To Shake What Your Mama Gave You

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I’ve read a lot of “best beach bar this and that” lists but I’ll have to admit that the list from Sherman’s Travel featuring the best Caribbean beach bars to dance at is a first. It’s not an uncommon feeling and I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with the list before. You know you’ve all felt this way at one point during your beach bar crawls – the reggae beats and rum punches start to take over your body and before you know it, you’re swaying to the beats and cutting a rug in the sand.

Reggae Beach Bar, St. Kitts. Photo by Robyn Folmar.

Stating that “lounging beachside in the Caribbean isn’t quite complete without languid reggae rhythms, upbeat dancehall, or punchy cumbia notes — and all that music, more often than not, inspires some fun dance moves for a night,” the author includes beach bars from Jamaica, St. Kitts (Reggae Beach Bar, which I’ve been to both its former and present locations but danced at neither), Bahamas (How do they spell Eleuthera wrong?), Puerto Rico and Martinique.

To view the list and find out it is about each beach bar that makes a soul want to shake what their mamas gave them.

Photo of Reggae Beach Bar provided by Robyn Folmar. You can view the rest of here images on her Instagram page.

Author: Tom W.

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