Heading off to Anguilla and Moonsplash!

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After a seemingly interminable wait, I’ll finally be flying down to Anguilla tomorrow to attend the 25th anniversary show of Moonsplash, Bankie Banx’s annual ode to reggae and related music at his world-renown beach bar, the Dune Preserve.   I’ll be posting as often as possible while on the island – as much as Anguilla is tranquility wrapped in blue, it’s also connectivity wrapped in wireless as almost every dining establishment on the island happily offers free wireless access to its customers.  It’s also a very social media forward island so connecting with some of the peeps I’ve met online will be at the top of my list.  If my pre-planned itinerary allows it, I will be showing up at your doorstep to say “Hey!”

Social media is also a huge part of this blog – without that community, the blog simply wouldn’t be where it is today.  I enjoy “virtually” taking my social media friends along with me on getaways so be sure and follow along on all of my social media sites (links provided below).  The hashtags that you can follow will be #moonsplash25 and #moonsplash for posts related specifically to the music festival.  For updates related to the trip as a whole, you can follow the #bbbaxa tag, which will be used on all of my posts during the trip.

For those of you attending the festival or on island, please come up and introduce yourself if you spot me.  I’m not sure my Beach Bar Bums t-shirts count as “smart casual” or even “beach chic” so I probably won’t be wearing my swag at Moonsplash but simply look for the guy with way too much camera equipment dangling from his neck and you’ll find me.

To help celebrate the 25th anniversary show of Moonsplash, the below image will be available as a high resolution download for a limited time on the Wallpapers page.  It’s one of my favorite images from Anguilla and has offered me many moments of escape since I took it three months ago.

Dune Preserve Beach Bar, Anguilla

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The Anguilla Tourist Board is sponsoring my trip but all opinions are my own.  When you decide to visit Anguilla, you will realize that the tourist board doesn’t need to “influence” your positive opinion – the beauty that surrounds you on the island will do all the influencing that needs to be done.

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