Setting Yourself Apart Among the Beach Bars of Bali

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As my dream of someday owning a beach bar gets closer and closer (if only through the advancement of age), figuring out how to separate it from the pack and make it unique comes more and more to the forefront. Offering food and drinks not normally available at a beach bar is one obvious way to help set it apart from the crowd. Couple that with trying to figure out how to provide a slightly more formal dining experience while still allowing anyone in their bathing suit a comfort level where they feel they can still walk up to the bar without having to change and you have quite a little dilemma for a prospective future beach bar owner.

Luckily for me, double tapping images on Instagram is one of my favorite past times and I had the good fortune of discovering a beach bar that seemed to solve the dilemma of appeasing varying crowds with different tastes. The Deck Café and Bar, located at the Batu Karan Resort on Nusa Lembongan, a small island just southeast of Bali, figured it out. Instead of expanding horizontally, they went vertical and offer multiple levels of entertainment spaces, all offering superior views of the incomparable waters off Lembongan full of seaweed farms, fishing boats and sunsets that would rival any in the Caribbean. While being built over a cliff offers you advantages not readily available to many beachfront locales, that isn’t a deal breaker. The Bayside Grille in Key Largo, Florida also features a similar layout, albeit without a cliff, offering an informal beach bar on the ground level while the upper level, directly over the beach bar, is a formal dining area. This ideal layout still affords the same breathtaking sunset views the Bayside Grille is known for, all sans cliff, while keeping two disparate crowds happily segregated.

Do you have any other solutions to the dinner/beach bar crown conundrum? If so, let me what it is and I’ll gladly steal your idea if I think it has possibilities. For credit, we’ll always have a sat at the beach bar (or at dinner service) for you.

All images by flickr user Aussie Assault, used via Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic

Author: Tom W.

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  1. Good morning , my name is Anita and I am Italian , I wanted to know if this beach bar has the chance ‘ to become a small restaurant , and above all I wanted to know at what price .thanks

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    • Anita, as far as I know, this beach bar is not for sale. Thank you!

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