I’m Going to Moonsplash in Anguilla!

Since the tickets have been purchased, I guess it’s finally OK to make an announcement I’ve wanted to shout from the mountaintops ever since it was proposed to me this past Friday. I’m going to Moonsplash in Anguilla! Alright, I feel much better.

If there’s anything I love as much as the beach, it’s music. It’s a key ingredient to any day at the beach and helps to set the mood at our favorite beach bars. As a veteran of several music festivals in the US (including many Lollapalooza shows with scenes that should preferably remain buried and hidden in my past on Myspace), Moonsplash (scheduled this year for March 27-29) has been an event that I have tried to get to over the past few years. With our Florida vacation usually scheduled for around the same time as Moonsplash, a quick three night getaway to Anguilla has been a possibility but not ever really that plausible. That dilemma was resolved this past Friday when I was offered the opportunity to go to Moonsplash and cover the events around Bankie Banx’s 25th anniversary show. The first draft of my response to the email asking me if I was interested included the proverbial “Heck yeah!” but then a semblance of formality took over and I responded with a more appropriate “Why I would love to” answer, most likely narrowly avoiding a reneging of the offer.

Chilling with Bankie Banx at Dune Preserve, his beach bar in Anguilla and home to Moonsplash.

Anguilla holds a special place in my heart but having the opportunity to share my love of the island, its people and its culture with all of you is something I regard as a privilege and hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of you in person at the festival. More details will be coming soon as we get closer to the dates and more details are finalized but in the end, it all comes down to this – “I’m going to Moonsplash!” – and I could not be more stoked about it.

I’m going to Moonsplash!

Author: Tom W.

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