Thirsty Thursday – Best Beach Drinks

If there’s anything I enjoy more than being on the beach, it’s enjoying a drink while being on the beach (which would explain my obsession with beach bars). So when a publication announces their list of best beach drinks, it grabs my attention. After all, if I’m going to own a beach bar someday, I should probably know what the best drinks are to enjoy on the beach, right? National Geographic released their list of the best beach drinks and while the list is compelling, the most surprising part is that it didn’t contain a longtime Caribbean mainstay.

Rum Punch at Dune Preserve, Anguilla

The rum punch was born and bred in the Caribbean and is as closely associated with the islands as its world renowned beaches. If there’s any drink I’ve consumed more than any other while on the beach, it would be the rum punch. Not finding it on a list of best beach drinks is a little surprising. If there’s one drink you know you can get on any beach in the Caribbean, it’s the rum punch. Walk into any beach bar and ask them for their best cocktail and you’re probably going to get a rum punch. Rum is synonymous with the region which is synonymous with beaches which is synonymous with beach bars which are synonymous with rum punches. I have now used up my monthly allotment of the word “synonymous.”

You can view the whole list, absent rum punch of course, here. The Brazilian caipirinha, which would be my drink of choice, comes in at number two while the Caribbean is well represented with the pina colada, Red Stripe beer and the daquiri. What do you think of the list? Do you have a favorite that beach cocktail that you would include? If so, which one would you remove from the list? Let me know so I can have a good excuse to expand my beach drinking repertoire because everybody needs a goal in life.

Author: Tom W.

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  1. The pina coladas and daiquiris are all over rated in my opinion. Most are nothing more than a concoction of a pre made puree mixed wth rum and ice. I’m always fascinated at the amount of people that drink these over sugarized drinks. Now find me a bar that makes their daiquiris from fresh fruit and now we are talking! My favorite treat on the beach is nothing more than a good old ice cold beer. Carib with a lime, while the sun is setting over the Caribbean, you can’t beat that. I also like to find the local beers of each island, (Wadadli in Antigua and Kubuli in Dominica!) As far as my liqour of choice, a nice rum on the rocks is my go to.

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    • Great comment, Ryan! Hard to argue with a Carib at sunset. I agree with the over sugarized drinks – if you’re going to make them, use fresh fruit and try to lay off the sugar just a little bit! One of my goals for my future beach bar is to bring the craft/classic cocktail scene to the beach – somewhere you can go to enjoy a great cocktail (or rum on the rocks) at sunset. That would be hard to beat!

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  2. The list means nothing if the rum punch isn’t included!

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    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that!

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