Why Buy Just the Beach Bar When You Can Buy the Whole Resort?

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Is buying a beach bar considered small time for you? Do you arrive at your latest island destination on one of those superyachts currently occupying a berth at Christophe Harbout in St. Kitts? When reading through my articles, does the question “Why buy a beach bar when I can buy a whole resort?” often pop into your head? If so, I want to be your best friend. Now that that’s out of the way, I also have news regarding a resort for sale that comes with its own beach bar and you’re probably going to be more than a little bit surprised at which resort it is.

Sunset on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman. Credit flickr user "SF Brit"

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman needs no introduction. Consisting of well-heeled soles strolling through sugary white sand into some of the bluest water your toes will ever tickle, it has consistently been ranked among the top beaches in the world. One of the many high end resorts with a footprint on this beach recently came up for sale and if you buy it, you can have your own beach bar. That beach bar is located at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort which, if you have the funds, can be yours.

Described on the CBRE site as “most desirable resort in Grand Cayman at a significant discount to replacement cost. There are also no more developable tracts of land on Seven Mile beach, making this a truly irreplaceable property.” Built in 1990, the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort has 295 rooms, 300 feet of beachfront, is the closest full service hotel to the airport and of course, has a really cool beach bar. $15.6 million of renovations were just completed in 2014 but no asking price is listed. Chances are if you have to ask ….

You can find more information on the sale of the Vista beach side/pool side bar (and the Grand Cayman Beach Resort) at CBRE’s site here.

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