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Quite often, I come across someone’s Instagram profile and it pisses me off. It’s not anything they’re doing on purpose to grossly offend me. It’s just that they’re posting pictures of places I want to be. Throw a second straight crappy winter on top of it (when I say crappy, I mean too much snow, too much wind, too much white knuckle driving and too many days of freezing cold weather) and you end up with a particularly perturbed beach bar blogger. Add Ryan Drewes to the list of Instagram users becoming the target of my ire. Going by the moniker “drewbee30,” Ryan recently returned from a three week trip through the Caribbean and was more than happy to share his photos with all of us stuck in colder climes. Included among his “it’s a lot warmer here than it is where you are” pictures are images of some of our favorite beach bars in the Caribbean and one I had never even heard of in Antigua despite the fact that I had been standing on a hilltop looking right over it on two separate vacations. One of the images includes a point of view from Foxy’s Taboo that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Everyone always becomes so enthralled with the unique beach bar itself that they forget to turn around and take a picture of the view to the sea. From the image that Ryan shared, it looks like it would be well worth it to take a second and turn around the next time you’re at Foxy’s Taboo snapping pictures. You might just end up on this blog and your life will be complete. Just ask Ryan – he’s never felt more complete in his life.

All infuriating images used courtesy of Ryan. You can follow him at and if you’re really desperate, you can follow me at Give us a follow and let’s get to double tapping each other!

Author: Tom W.

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