Kenny Chesney Beach Bar Playlist Added To YouTube

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Last summer I created a list of ten Kenny Chesney songs I would want on my beach bar playlist and even had the audacity to rank them from 10 to 1. The article was one of my most popular posts and as it is with any subject people are passionate about, generated a lot of conversation. Overall, though, I think people were generally acceptable of the list or just didn’t want to waste their breath telling me how much of an idiot I was. I’m hoping it was the former but guessing it was the latter. Either way, I did make on fatal omission and it wasn’t leaving a song off the list – I forgot to create a playlist on YouTube so people could listen to the songs without interruption. That wrong has been righted and you can now view the whole playlist nonstop from “Marley” at #10 all the way to #1 (you’ll have to click on the link to find out which song it is) so grab a beer or your favorite cocktail, kick back and relax and pretend you’re somewhere in the sun. Unless you’re already sitting on a beach drinking a cold one. In that case I hate you.

Beach chairs under a palm tree in the BVI. Image by Ken Teegardin.

Beach chairs under a palm tree in the BVI. Image by Ken Teegardin.

You can find the Kenny Chesney beach bar playlist here. See ya at the beach bar!

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Author: Tom W.

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