Update on Gwen’s Reggae Bar, Anguilla

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“What’s the status on Gwen’s Reggae Bar? I’m heading to Anguilla and want to stop by.” Of all the beach bars we feature on the site and in social media, the status of Gwen’s rebuild at her new location is probably the most often subject that people inquire about. I was even inquiring about it to the locals before our Anguilla visit at the end of November. Unfortunately, Gwen’s wasn’t open when we were on the island but if you’re arriving February 6th or later, you’ll be able to see the brand new Gwen’s Reggae Bar in all its awesome glory.

After finding out from a fellow beach bar bum that Gwen’s was close to opening, I contacted her via Facebook and she confirmed that they are set to open the new location February 6th. A temporary structure has been acting as a stand in next to the new permanent bar so for those of you who can’t wait a week, don’t let that deter you. You can still get your Gwen fix while waiting for the new beach bar to open up.

If you’re wondering where Gwen’s new location is, she’s still on Shoal Bay just down from Tropical Sunset. If you’re not sure how to get there, just tell your taxi driver “Gwen’s, please” and they’ll get you there.

A special thanks to Jeff Morgan for providing the images of Gwen’s which were just taken this week. Cheers, Jeff!

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