Four Beach Bars Named Among World’s Best Bars By Conde Nast Traveller

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When articles about the world’s best bars appear, beach bars normally aren’t even mentioned, let alone deemed worthy to qualify for a spot in the final draft. The best bar lists normally consist of fancy watering holes located in metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, London, Buenos Aires and Paris. The folks at Conde Nast Traveller understand the allure, though, and recently named four beach bars to their list of the 18 best bars in the world. Included among the list are Anguilla’s Dune Preserve (which is seemingly on every best beach bar list), the middle-of-the-water Pelican Bar off the coast of Jamaica (see the note on Dune Preserve) and two beach bars you probably haven’t even heard of. One is located on the quiet Mexican island of Isla Holbox and another is in the middle of the South Pacific in the Cook Islands.

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Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, Anguilla

Another surprise in the article? While Chicago, the best drinking town in ‘Merica makes the list, it’s not the Aviary or Three Dots, two of the normal favorites. To find out which Chicago bar did make the list and which of the 18 best bars offer you the opportunity to sink your toes into the sand, you can check out the CN Traveller article here.

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