Anguilla Beaches – Thirty Seconds of Meads Bay Bliss

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When it comes to the beaches of Anguilla, Meads Bay has some tough competition but manages to find a place of her own among such stalwarts as Barnes Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Maundays Bay and the world famous Shoal Bay East. As I was shuffling through the sand after getting friendly at the Frangi on a Friday (such a sucker for alliteration), all I could think of was how breathtakingly spectacular the beach was. Even with gray storm clouds threatening overhead, I became entranced by the magic of the bay and only wanted time to stand still so I could enjoy the moment for as long as possible. Unfortunately, a most undoubtedly tired three year old, her presumably stressed out mother, an always on time taxi driver and a meeting with Garvey were waiting for me so the world and I along with it had to keep moving. Luckily, someone came up with the bright idea of putting video capabilities on phones and a few minutes later, I had 30 seconds of Meads Bay bliss to take home with me.

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View of the beach Meads Bay from the Frangipani.

The video of this spectacular Anguilla beach was taken just west of the Frangipani, looking west/northwest along the beach. I think it was a little wavier than normal (you can hear the wind in the video), as the clouds in the sky at the time were threatening enough to think a storm was coming. As always, though, the sun won out and the rain never made an appearance. I think that might be all the “weather” Anguilla gets on a normal basis.

Author: Tom W.

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