Cockleshell Beach in St. Kitts Gets Exposed by Travel Addicts

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Cockleshell Beach, located on the southeast peninsula of the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, is most famous for being home to two of my favorite beach bars, Lion Rock Beach Bar and Reggae Beach Bar. OK, being home to two of my favorite beach bars (and what may be the world’s smallest beach bar) may not be what it’s most famous for. It might be the two unspoiled beach, the stunning views of Nevis, the sister island of St. Kitts in this two island federation or the fact that Spice Mill, one of the best restaurants on the island calls it home. Whatever it is, Cockleshell is only going to get more attention as the nearby Christophe Harbour development continues to grow.

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Looking east down Cockleshell Beach from Lion Rock Beach Bar.

Travel Addicts recently paid a visit to Cockleshell, describing it as a place to “find the perfect beer shack, reggae beach bar, or just a quiet stretch of beach to lay out a towel.” And even though it’s been just two years since I was last there, new beach bars seem to have popped up in that time, including No Limit Beach Bar and Loxs-Een Beach Hut. In no time at all, it may come to rival South Friars and even Frigate Bay’s “The Strip” as the place to party on St. Kitts.

Have you been to Cockleshell beach lately? If so, what other beach bars am I missing? What did you think of its growth in popularity?

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