View of Road Bay, Sandy Ground, Anguilla

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Our home for our recent 48 hour stay on Anguilla was on Road Bay in Sandy Ground. I’d obviously seen pictures of the area beforehand (I’m obsessive with research before a trip!) and knew there were certain vantage points from the surrounding higher area that offered you a breathtaking view of the center of Anguilla’s nightlife. However, I had become so enamored by everything else on the island that it slipped my mind to even ask about taking photos of the beach from a higher perspective, even as that perspective whizzed past my window as we drove back to our hotel from Rendezvous Bay. Luckily, my taxi driver was paying attention and as any good guide would do for wide-eyed tourists, offered to pull over at a popular spot and allow us to take some pictures. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew I was in one of the spots to get “that shot” of Road Bay and Sandy Ground. While the picture will never do it justice, especially coming from my camera, it offers a glimpse into the area that quickly became our home, a village that welcomed us into its arms like they had known us forever. It’s a small slice of Anguilla but representative of the island as a whole.

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View of Road Bay and Sandy Ground, Anguilla

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