My Six Most Liked Instagram Images of 2014 and the Stories Behind Them

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Images of beach bars dominated my Instagram account so it’s no surprise that four of the top six most liked images on my profile were of beach bars. One of the hold outs was a shot of the colors of Anguilla’s beaches and once you see the pic, you’ll understand how it broke up the beach bar party at the top. The other party crasher was of a bar in Key West that reminded me of a beach bar more than a lot of bars on the beach actually do. Since typing anymore than you have to on Instagram isn’t at the top of anyone’s wish list, I decided to write an article that expounds on the six most liked images on my Instagram feed and offer a little bit more background on each shot. You may find it interesting or utterly boring. Either way, I hope we hook up on Instagram – I need the additional followers. Instagram just went through my profile (and others) and deleted a bunch of my followers. Apparently, all the hot Russian girls that followed me weren’t real. Who knew.

5. Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve

Dune Preserve beach bar in Anguilla.

Dune Preserve beach bar in Anguilla.

The Dune Preserve, known to locals (or at least my taxi driver) as the “Dune,” is a beach bar located on Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla, part of the British West Indies in the Caribbean. It consistently shows up on “best beach bar” lists and after a visit to Bankie Banx’s compound, it’s easy to see why. This shot was taken after we left and were headed east down the beach on Rendezvous Bay for a visit to another beach bar. I turned around to say good bye one more time, noticed the perfect cloudy background and snapped the pic.

4a. Bar at Blue Heaven

Bar at Blue Heaven, Key West

Bar at Blue Heaven, Key West

It’s a tie at #4 and it’s also the spot where we find the only non-beach bar images on the list. Anyone that has been to Key West should include a stop at Blue Heaven. I had been told by numerous folks to visit, especially for breakfast, and after enjoying our last meal in Key West there before heading back north, I was a believer. The part of Blue Heaven that really grabbed my attention (outside of the delectable breakfast) was their bar. Covered in corrugated metal and wood that looked like it was just dragged from the sea, it was the most beach bar like bar I came across in Key West. The only thing missing was sand.

4b. The Colors of Anguilla

The colors of Anguilla's beaches

The colors of Anguilla’s beaches

Anguilla’s beaches are amazing and Mead’s Bay ranks among its best. This one was taken after I had just left a meet up at the Frangipani and was walking back down to Blanchard’s to catch our taxi to the next stop. I snapped a ton of pictures during that walk and with the clouds again providing the perfect backdrop, managed to snag this one. As much as I love this picture, it doesn’t do Anguilla’s beaches any justice. You just have to visit and see them for yourself.

3. Garvey’s Sunshine Shack

Garvey's Sunshine Shack, Anguilla

Garvey’s Sunshine Shack, Anguilla

Garvey’s Sunshine Shack, more popularly known as just “Garvey’s,” is what a beach bar should be and with its bright colors and location on the white sands of Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla, it just begs to be photographed. When you meet Garvey, you understand why the color scheme is at bright as it is as it reflects the personality of its namesake owner. The Sunshine Shack wouldn’t be what it is without Garvey – when you think of the ideal beach bar owner, it’s hard to find any that are better. He’s as vivacious as the colors splashed on his beach bar and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.

2. Johnno’s Beach Bar

Johnno's Beach Bar, Sandy Ground, Anguilla

Johnno’s Beach Bar, Sandy Ground, Anguilla

Even though it was right across the street from where we were staying, I didn’t get to visit Johnno’s Beach Bar while we were in Anguilla. This shot was taken as we walked back from Roy’s Bayside Grill after breakfast on our last morning on the island. I knew I wanted to get a view of the bay and the open architecture of Johnno’s allowed me the opportunity. The image struck a chord with people and it ended up being the second most liked image on my Instagram account.

1. Sunset Pier

Sunset at Sunset Pier, Key West

Sunset at Sunset Pier, Key West

This image of the chairs and tables at Sunset Pier in Key West was by far and away the most liked image on my Instagram account. Just like the colors of Garveys’ allow for some memorable pictures, the colors of Sunset Pier accentuated by the magical hues of a Key West sunset provide a photographic moment you won’t find in many other places. Add a little tilt shift to highlight the colorful chairs and tables even more and you end up with the most liked photo on my Instagram feed. If you ever visit Key West, make this spot a must stop.

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  1. Hi, I have been going to Anguilla for 15 years. This year will be different due to change in marital status. I know the island well, but, wondering where you stayed that was across the street from Johnnos. I am staying at Sea View this year. If you did, wondering your thoughts. It has come highly recommended by friends and locals.

    Happy New Year,

    Kenny Schik
    Mpls, MN

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    • Hey, Kenny! Yes, we did stay at Sea View and loved it! Sherma Hodge, the proprietor, is wonderful to deal with and it’s a great location right in the middle of Sandy Ground. The beach is just across the street and you can walk to any of the beach bars and restaurants within minutes. Plus, the sunsets are amazing! Some people might consider it a little primitive if they’re used to higher end accommodations. However, for under $100 (including taxes and fees), we got a full apartment style room with full kitchen, living room,separate bedroom and porches in front and back. You can’t beat the value and we would definitely stay there again!

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    • What paint is used to paint such wooden articles..?

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