Caribbean Journal Features Beach Bar On Its Own Private Island

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Ever fancy a beach bar in the Caribbean where you’re the only one being served? Maybe some of your invited guests could join you for drinks but seats at the beach bar are invite only. If the hustle and bustle of some of the Caribbean’s most popular beach bars isn’t your style, then Caribbean Journal may have found the perfect beach bar for you.

View from beach on Guana Island. Credit Nina Hale.

Located on Guana Island, just off Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, this beach bar comes with privacy and a lot of it. The reason – the whole island is private and you aren’t getting on it unless you’ve been invited. They describe the island as “a feeling here that time has stopped” and isn’t that one of the feelings we all yearn for when walking up to our favorite beach bar – a place where we can go for a while as the rest of the world zips on by?

For more on the private Guana Island and its beach bar, you can read Caribbean Journal’s article here.

Photo source, used via Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0

Author: Tom W.

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