Simpson Bay Sunsets

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One of the reasons I picked the Royal Palm Beach Resort for our upcoming St. Martin/St. Maarten vacation is its location. Situated at the south end of Simpson Bay at the entrance to the Simpson Bay Lagoon, the condo style resort sits on a west facing beach, allowing its occupants to enjoy the daily sunsets that seem to take on another level of awesome in the Caribbean. Add to that its close proximity to Buccaneer Beach Bar, La Bamba Beach Bar, Topper’s, the Boathosue, Skip Jack’s, Harbor Queen and the floating bar Lady C, you soon realize the value of being located within walking distance of so many dining and drinking options. Throw in the daily super yacht traffic passing right by the resort every day coming and going from the marina and you have quite the prime location.

For me, though, it’s all about grabbing a drink at the beach bar and enjoying the sunsets because it’s those moments that allow me to pause, reflect and be thankful that I’m able to enjoy times like these. Sunsets are communal activities at beach bars – most of the people take a moment from their drinking and storytelling to savor the moment and, as I do, recognize how lucky they are in that space of time. Sunsets at a beach bar can’t be beat and I am looking forward to all seven of them in St. Martin.

Images courtesy of flickr user “alljenji” and used via Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Author: Tom W.

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