Anguilla Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

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The beaches of Anguilla are screaming my name and I’m not deaf to the din. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last week, it’s that the few days we’ll be on this island are way too few and not nearly enough to explore all it has to offer. I’ve had one belief confirmed – the warmth of the waters off Anguilla are only matched by the people that call it home. From individuals who work in the resorts (and own them), to the guy that runs a ferry charter, to the person that manages social media sites, to the beach bar patrons and owners and to everyone else on this Caribbean jewel, the beauty of Anguilla is reflected in its inhabitants.

Credit Lionel Eric

Credit Lionel Eric

Maybe there’s a reason they make the island a little more difficult to get to than others in the Caribbean. If I lived on the island, I’d probably want to keep this paradise a secret, too. Whatever it is, I can’t wait for the few days we get to spend there, interacting with the people and taking in all of the surrounding beauty in the few days we have. I haven’t set foot on the island and I’m already dreading the final good bye. The best part about leaving a place and having your vacation come to and end is planning the next one and something tells me I’ll be planning a return visit to Anguilla before I even leave.

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